Shipping Solutions

Our Customers find that our fulfillment rates are very competitive. Unlike most other fulfillment companies in the Napa Valley, our rates are all-inclusive.

Our competitors charge additional fees on top of what is printed on their price sheets. We don’t believe in the hidden fee philosophy. What you see, is what you pay. Most importantly, our network of 3-tier brokers allows us to ship to states you previously thought of as off-limits.

Don’t miss out on potential sales because your shipping company falls short.

Shipping Solution Benefits

  • Decreased shipping costs by leveraging volume and broker relationships
  • All-inclusive rates allow for budgeted costs
  • Our rates combine packaging materials, packing, shipping, fuel-surcharges, residential delivery, and other important costs
  • Worldwide shipping (rates vary)
  • Depending on your preference, we can bill your house account or bill your customer directly, keeping you out of the shipping business