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The ultimate concierge service for the jet setting wine lover.

Your guests came to the Napa Valley to add to their wine collection, not to deal with the hassles of wine storage and shipping. The Wine Box is the premiere concierge service for wine lovers who crave simplicity, service, and access to their private wine cellar (no matter where they are in the world).

The Wine Box is a full-service personal wine storage and concierge service serving all 50 states and most international destinations. We store wine collections for our Wine Box members, and send them single bottles, cases, or pallets on demand.

How it Works

Step 1. They sign up for The Wine Box virtual mailbox program, and receive a legal Napa mailing address.

Step 2. They buy wine from their favorite wineries, tasting rooms, and wine clubs, and request that it ship to their Napa address (or we can pick it up – nominal fees may apply).

Step 3. We’ll pick up the wine and bring it back to our climate-controlled storage facility.

Step 4. They let us know when they want their wine, and we send it.

Step 5. When they purchase any additional wine, just send it to The Wine Box address. We’ll store it with the rest of their collection, and send only the bottles they want, when they want it.

This is a high-touch service that’s perfect for wine aficionados who travel or are members of multiple wine clubs. Now, they can have all their wine shipped to a single Napa address, and receive only the wines they want, when and where they want them. Think of it as the ultimate convenience for wine lovers who love to travel.

There is a $144 annual charge for all services. Customers will receive a legal, individual Napa address which allows you to receive wine shipment regardless of your state.

  • Join multiple wine clubs, buy wine online or in the tasting room and consolidate everything into one shipment saving you time and money.
  • No charge for 30 days of storage in our climate controlled facility for up to ten cases and then only $5.00 per box per month.

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