Craig Courtney

Craig Courtney, Logistics & Sales Manager at Eagle Rock FulfillmentCraig Courtney is our Logistics and Sales Manager, and has been with us since 2010. Craig handles all of the client and delivery details. He is often the first point of contact for any client or delivery related issues. Whether it is a dressing up for a hotel drop off or making sure that a client’s note is followed to the exact letter, Craig uses his experience to recognize what is needed for each client delivery. Oftentimes you will find him on the road making deliveries, handling phone calls, or dealing with logistics in his office.

We value Craig’s special ability to bring in new clients. We appreciate how he continuously looks for ways to foster relationships.

Craig retired in 2007 from his career as an engineer of Basic Materials. In addition to valuable sales experience, Craig has put his skills and knowledge to work in his current position on our team.

When Craig isn’t busy delivering wine, you can see him riding around town on his motorcycle or in his Corvette. Craig loves anything to do with skiing whether it is water skiing, snow skiing or surf skiing.

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